13 September 2012

Currently On The Bench

I'm trying desperately to limit my ongoing-project-disaster-area to ONE piece of furniture. I am failing, of course, but I am sure my cohabitants appreciate the effort.  >___>

Here's a selection of snowflakes, with some un-dyed waxed eggs underneath, and bits of the recycled shopping bag project all over the place.

(Regan -- seeing this makes me wonder if, instead of individual cards, I shouldn't just pin the flakes to boards like this --this one is foam core-- and store / transport / sell them all on one piece of "furniture", and only package them when they are sold. Thoughts?)


Anonymous said...

It does let you display the variation in colors nicely (which is really beautiful). Maybe if you could keep it out of reach so folks wouldn't mess with it, and you could number them so folks could point and say which one they wanted?

Holly said...

Suppose I could get a couple of boards, mark out a (numbered) grid, and then refill from backstock whenever one sells. Just hand them over in little brown bags or something.

Holly said...

(that would also prevent the shoppers who want to see EVERY LAST SNOWFLAKE ...)