25 May 2009

Dan Hillier

Here is a great example of the kind of visual art I like. It's got class, style, absurdity, and tentacles. Also, it is ink and engravings, which is hard to beat, in my book.

Check it out, yo: http://www.danhillier.com

21 May 2009

Lost in the Dark

This week, my computer hard drive moved and did not leave a forwarding address. In the timeless wisdom of an idiot, I failed to make back up copies of almost anything from the last six months. This includes a fair amount of art, both original and reproduction. It is at times like this that I am glad I have made a habit, however sloppy and inconsistent, of posting my photos to the internet. Blogging may be one of the forms of poor mental hygiene, but at least it has a high Preserved For Posterity factor.

11 May 2009

Go see Simon Schubert

Because the embossed paper architecture studies RULE!!

Seriously, check it out.

Go see Simon Schubert

Because the embossed paper architecture RULES!!

Seriously, check it out.

07 May 2009

Two Heads and a Clown

At least, I think it's a clown. I don't remember exactly what I was thinking when I drew this. Just having a little sketchfest, I guess.

Another unfinished painting

The larger, pink, swirly painting is unfinished. It needs more contrast. More.... red. Mostly. I think. I'll paint on it more when I know what.

This is closer to what I was trying to get with the blue one, but it's still not right. And I'm still not totally sure why. Also, I painted it two weeks ago, which means that I'm actually moving farther from my target. Whee.

The other painting is just to demonstrate that I've become that kind of artistic bum who piles things up any which way. (When I say "become" it makes it sound like I was not already a bum. Please go along with this, my mom might be reading.)

just a doodle

Just screwing around with ink & watercolor, washes, fills, silhouettes, etc. Quite like some of it, haven't figured out where/how to use it.


I'm less fond of this one. Well. I like the composition. Not happy with the green sphere. The yellow one isn't bad, although it didn't photograph as well as I would have liked.

I guess if I want better photos I'll have to use lights and a tripod and all that tedious crap...

Part 1 of 5

I'm working on a 5 panels series, this is the first one I finished. I'm fond of it.

Looks better in person...

... but still isn't GOOD. I don't know for sure what effect I'm trying to get, but I keep not getting it, so I keep trying again and again. It's a little frustrating, and my house is filling up with a wide variety of similar and similarly unsatisfying paintings... but I'm hoping someday I'll actually find what I'm after.

sweet swirl action

Painted this in acrylic a few days ago. It's not great, it's barely composed... but I like it anyway.

When I get too much into the subtle shading, I start feeling like Rothko, but then I put some real color into it and can go on living. Anyway, it was an experiment. I didn't like it.

That's right, it's time...

Time for one of my mass-uploads of recent stuff. Yeah, it'd obviously be just WAY too much effort to put them whenever I have put them up on the wall. Worse than calling the book-ordering place.

Out of spite, I'm beginning with a hand-written list entitled: A Partial Catalog of Things That Are Not Funny. Everything else will be images, though.