15 January 2012

Not Mine, Mine

First, here is a picture I love, and a link to lots more pictures I love ... Street Art Utopia is an aggregation of awesomesauce street art. I find it inspiring, and Right ... there is something inherently correct in ornamenting the world around us. Check out their annual collections of the best to see a bunch of super art all on one page.

Sadly, I didn't do any of that street art. I have gotten fixated lately with a crochet project I came across in the Crochet Me newsletter. They send out free patterns sometimes, and I was intrigued enough by a pattern I saw this week to actually sit down and learn to read crochet patterns. They are cryptic, and dense, and it is easy for me to lose my place. BUT! I have persisted, and learned some new stitches, and this is by FAR the most legitimate looking thing I have ever made with a crochet hook. It is far from done, I think I am going to need 8 more skeins of yarn to get there. But it is mostly down to a repetitive pattern to create length (this is a shawl), and not so much about doing complicated patterny things. The big piece here is about a foot long on the short side.

My brain has one front burner and a lot of back burner...  there is more stuff to come, but I think I need to get this project out of my brain before I am going to be able to get back to the the block printing.