06 June 2013

It's been HOW long since my last confession?!

Since I last posted here, I finished that silly afghan, knit at least four cephalopods, and knit four skulls (with cross bones!). Well, three knit, one crochet, which is now my official favorite face cloth. Three hats have been knit / crocheted / covered in enormous sequins. I've had my garage converted to a studio space, and have half-constructed a cat yard. I have inherited alarming / awesome masses of art supplies, books, equipment, and knowledge. Seriously, it feels like I have taken the quickening of at least two other artists. There is a new silly afghan underway, and more cephalopods, and another hat. Or maybe two. There was a trip to Utah to volunteer with rescued parrots. My garden is growing; not a Victory Garden yet, but I have eaten seven tomatoes and several handfuls of fresh herbs, and one fairly unpleasant strawberry. I have a job, a writing assignment, and a volunteer spot with the local Maker Faire. I have the Best Person spot in an upcoming wedding, and really-no-kidding nothing to wear for that. Margaritas have been elevated to an art form around here. Oh, and lots and lots of pictures of most of these things, which, mostly, will not transfer to my computer.* 

I did try to scan the drypoint printing plate I have been working on for two days, and it didn't scan at all the first time, and the second time, the scanner software split it into 41 small files, for reasons it did not share with me. Here is a small selection of those:

I am looking forward to seeing this printed. Almost as much as I am looking forward to moving ALL my making-stuff supplies out to the garage studio and rolling around in organizing them. So much going on. I guess I haven't been writing about it here because I have been kinda busy doing it all, and also did not really know where to begin.

*Yes, I know what the problem is, no I don't want help, thanks.