29 November 2011

on the drawing board today

on the drawing board today
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I am trying to learning how to turn my lovely swirled designs into proper motifs for painting. I don't know if this is the right step, but the *current* step is> Make it bigger!

This is about 16" x 30", on newsprint type paper. Although I have done lots of attempts to get my ideas down in watercolor, it might work better in a more ... weighty medium. So, probably try acrylic or oil for this. Soon, even.

28 November 2011

Latest in Knitwear...

back of the hand
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This weekend I was possessed (POSSESSED, I tell you!) by the need to make gloves out of some super soft, super stretchy AMBRA merino wool.

No, I know they don't match. They're not really meant to. I am learning to make the various parts of a glove that fit precisely, because I am having trouble finding gloves that don't squeeze me and make my hands *colder*. I need precision gloves. The thumb on the left glove, for instance, is a perfect fit. And the palm-to-knuckles bit of the right glove is bang on.

Sadly, I don't know if I would be able to wear these any length of time, because they are wool, but they were not irritating to make, so that's a good start. Maybe if I wash them with some fabric softener?

Anyway, I was thinking about what to do with all my gloves and socks that don't have mates. And I thought about how it is very common this time of year to see solo gloves and scarves and things littered around town. People place them up on fence posts and in window sills and on crossing signal posts, so if the original owner should happen by, they will find their lost item.

So THEN I thought, I will take pictures of each of my insane knit items, and leave them around town randomly, and then in the spring, go to the city lost & found office and see how many of them end up there. (Why do I call them insane knit items? Oh, did I say? I was thinking, since they aren't really meant to be worn, I could make stuff like gloves with 9 fingers, or something that looks like a tiny pajamas for a turtle.)

Only, I probably will use less expensive wool, if I do that. Probably I will wear these gloves when I go to put the Lost Items into the world. :)

24 November 2011

It is difficult for me to express how much I love this. I mean, I love Diego Rivera, too. But this is .... wow. Go read the article for the back story, and some progress / process pictures, and a photo of the peeps who made it happen.

10 November 2011

08 November 2011