11 November 2013

It's Pictures, All The Way Down

This is one of the few that I pulled any significant number of prints of, and for some reason they are mostly brown. Why did brown make me happy? Does anyone really want a brown print? Looks OK framed, although I see now my mat is off center.

Although this is a favorite design, it doesn't print as well as I would like. Practice...

The paper isn't really yellow; someone played with the color correction too much.

Now in blue ...

... now in green.

This one is larger, the paper is 30x40cm. (approx. 12"x16").

Love this one, even without glitter.

Same green as the green-on-yellow-paper below, but on white paper. Bad lighting decisions.

I have several versions of this print, and I love them all. Seems like every day, I choose a different one as my favorite. Maybe I should print more, and see if I get more favorites...

Possibly one of my most important designs!

This is printed on fabric, will try this as an embroidery pattern.

Green ink on soft paper. It was not a bad print, although I think more intense ink will be in order next time. This plate actually makes a nice emboss on soft (wet!) paper. I have one with no ink, just imprint, but it didn't photograph very well.

Possibly my favorite of the glittered prints.

Also possibly my favorite of the glittered prints.

This one looks so bad in the picture, and so good in person. But also reminds me that some of these could make excellent embroidery patterns.

Did you know you can get a glitter sampler with 24 colors??  :-)

The glittered prints are surprisingly difficult to photograph.

There was a batch of prints that, because of the paper I used, never actually dried. So I sprinkled glitter on the very-tacky ink, transforming the prints from one kind of tacky to another. I actually quite like them, but they need to be mounted and at least sealed in plastic, possibly framed entirely. Otherwise the universe will be consumed with glitter, and become both fabulous AND ridiculous.

A plate in progress, a labyrinth in progress, a bunch of Other Stuff. The brown thing in the lower right corner is the bag containing my giant graphite stick.  
The Press. (Thanks, Aaron!!)

Drying rack / plate storage / other. 

This is a 9"x12" block printing plate, not yet cleaned after pulling a print. The plate actually looks better than the prints for some reason, having a little trouble getting the ink to transfer evenly. Wrong paper, I think.

Someday I hope to get better at photographing the glitter to some advantage.

The paper chest, with 2 glitter prints on top. The problem with the glitter prints is ... well ... the glitter. Mostly.

Turns out a giant graphite bar is awesome for proofing plates without getting inky! (Thanks Chris for giving me that!!) The red one was dry-proofed with a crayon, but isn't as clear as the ones done with graphite.