30 March 2010

A Sad Day

I had to return the scroll saw, it was crap. I need a good scroll saw. I am very disappointed.

24 March 2010

first cut

first cut
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Got my new scroll saw today. Did a very basic cutting exercise to start with. This took about an hour, more or less.

Obviously, I need practice. Less obviously, I need better saw blades. I started with a new one, and it was dull before I got to the harder cuts (on the right)... which means the harder cuts were now harderer. Meh.

However, I'm really looking forward to getting into the rest of the introductory exercises (I got a book about this, The Scroll Saw Workbook by John Nelson ), and am working through the skills, so I can start making neato things. If you look closely, you'll see a resemblance between what I've cut, and the picture on the front of the book. I drew my guide lines by hand, though, because getting copies made just seems like so much work. And I won't be cutting out any damn bunny rabbits.

Will need to get some better wood, though, this 3 ply stuff is OK, but not great. Probably working harder than I have to and dulling blades faster than necessary because I'm not using plain old pine planks.

17 March 2010

12 meters/€20

I stumbled into the clearance room at Ikea and found a bin full of fabric ends and pieces. Off-cuts, samples, etc. In all probability, had the prices been half what they were, I'd have ended up with twice as much fabric. These are the prizes, and I already have plans for a lot of it, but there is something about a bunch of random fabrics that just makes me want to Make Stuff.

13 March 2010

coming out of cold storage

The design on the right will eventually emerge from the collection of swirls on the left. And you will be amazed.

AMAZED, I say!