09 April 2009

Right Brain Took The Day Off

I have noticed that it is VERY difficult for me to have days which are productive for both art, and not-art.

For instance, on days where I'm getting art done, cleaning the toilet is a Herculean task, requiring a stunning amount of planning, fortitude, and recovery time. I can paint, draw, cut glass, design a dozen new projects, and cut mats for 4 pieces... but somehow taking the trash out is as feasible as a 3 minute mile.

On the other hand, on days when I'm not getting art done, I can do the shopping, clean the apartment (toilet included!), make the cat food, get some exercise, cook something for us peeps, do the filing, answer that letter from my grandmother, and read the newspaper... all in less time than it takes me to figure out which pencil I want to use with my sketchbook.

Why must the 2 halves of my brain be on a time share?? I'd have thought this would all be easier. I have a natural tendency toward ambidexterity, and often don't know right away which hand I want to hold an object or utensil with. I have to think about it. Is there some way to think about things so I can get the other side of my brain into gear?

n.b.: I will be posting some pictures later today, or possibly tomorrow. I've spent lots of time on art since my last picture post, just more in the "technique development" aspect, and less in the "resolved execution of a design" side of things.