21 May 2009

Lost in the Dark

This week, my computer hard drive moved and did not leave a forwarding address. In the timeless wisdom of an idiot, I failed to make back up copies of almost anything from the last six months. This includes a fair amount of art, both original and reproduction. It is at times like this that I am glad I have made a habit, however sloppy and inconsistent, of posting my photos to the internet. Blogging may be one of the forms of poor mental hygiene, but at least it has a high Preserved For Posterity factor.


Anonymous said...

Oh damn, I'm sorry. This just reminds me that I too, need to back up my stuff. Mainly photos and whatnot that I wish to keep and save, as I know someday my HD will crash. (Been doing the HD standstill for about 6 months now) Are you sure there is no way of recovery for all your art?
**Long distance hug**

Holly said...

Enh, there is no recovery, but I am not too wound up about it. Partly because it is my own damn fault, and partly because one of the few things I learned from one of my real nemesis art instructors at UNM is that probably no single one of my ideas is my best idea, and if I have already HAD my best idea, I might as well quit now.

Of course, Garrison Keillor tells a great story about losing his best idea ever, and I suspect he is being more or less sincere about that. Wonder who is right?