21 September 2012

A Snowflake In Summer

Sure, the very last day of summer, but if you can't prop yourself up on a technicality, why get out of bed at all?

See anything unusual about this snowflake? It seems that about 30% of the snowflakes I have made have this same quirk. I realize that every snowflake is supposed to be unique, but there is probably a line somewhere between 'unique' and 'aberrant'...

ps, click to enlarge the picture and see my very restrained use of glitter!


Anonymous said...

I just noticed the PS. My first reaction when I saw it was, "It'd be extra cute if it sparkled." And it is! Squee. BTW, if you don't want actual pieces of glitter on it, there's this gorgeous stuff called Glitz Spritz, which is iridescent pigment intended for paper craft that comes in a spray pump bottle. I don't know if it'd work for you. It's really hard to capture how awesome this stuff is. Check out 3:08 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeAOPtSdlCs or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQHMpdard0U

Holly said...

That certainly sounds like a good thing! Neat. Will check it out. Maybe since the snowflakes will be sized, there won't be a soaking-in problem.