11 September 2012

In The Works

I expect you're all wondering why I have asked you to come here today. I would like to make a couple of very special announcements, so if you'll please take yours seats, we can begin.

Thank you.

First, having arrived back on the native shores, I am wasting no time in making art community connections. A very productive and illuminating chat with the lovely, talented, and smart-as-hell proprietress of Warning Label Creations has set me on the path to sole proprietorship. Not only did Jamie show me the way to easy accounting practices and staying on the right side of the home business rules, but we also hatched a few ideas for future projects. Expect good things!

(Also, if you want to thank her for holding my hand on this stuff, do it by purchasing one of her awesome bags. If you need to know which one I want for my birthday, email me...)

Thanks, Jamie!

[wait for applause]

Secondly, in light of having discarded the vast majority of items I created while in Austria, I decided to prevent future discard tragedies by selling pretty much any and every thing I make from here on out. Currently I am fixated on crocheted snowflakes, and wax-resist dyed egg shells, so I am building up a stock of these things to sell as holiday decorations. I will be loading some of them into my Etsy shop, and will have more available to sell at the 49th Annual ASUNM Arts + Crafts Fair here in Albuquerque. If you are local, please come see me there!

I am still on the fence about a second fair, the Bandelier Elementary School Holiday Bazaar. The two major decision points on this are, will I have enough inventory to sell at both fairs, and, will I be allowed to sell baked goods at either?  (And, will anyone be available to help me at the Bandelier event, for when I need a bathroom break, etc...?)

Speaking of baked goods, did I mention I developed a new cookie recipe? Peanut butter with honey roasted peanuts. They are stupidly delicious.

[wait for applause]

Third, I have been volunteering some time with the organizers of the Albuquerque Mini-Maker Faire. This is the first year for this event, and however this turns out, I expect that future years will be full of interesting exhibitions and activities. I am really excited to get in at the beginning, because it is like watching a cake bake, or plants grow ... when the magic happens, it is exciting to know I have a little part in it. Also, I am looking forward to exhibiting next year, possibly in the interest area of materials re-use. Oh, and they let me have access to a whole box of spray paint cans and some canvas. Woooot!

Fourth, both inside and outside the context of the Mini-Maker Faire, I have been hobnobbing with the local zine scene here in Albuquerque. There was a very excellent Dirty Zine Reading event a couple of weeks ago, and more intriguing events to come. There is the annual Albuquerque Zinefest coming up ion October 6, which promises all kinds of good stuff. I am teetering on the brink of making a zine of my very own, which I have loved doing in the past. (Although, I admit, it's been a LONG time!) Many thanks to Lisa B for letting me into her zine-tastic world.

Fifth, I think that is most of it. There are pictures to come, of all these things and more. I know pictures are what make an art blog interesting, and I appreciate the time you've spent waiting for me to get to the point here.

/peace out


Anonymous said...

Whee! This all sounds awesome. How much is the table at the elementary school thing? Maybe you could buy a table and then ditch if you've sold all your stuff?

Also, I effing hate blogger's captcha.

Holly said...

$50, it's really not bad, if I've sold ALL my stuff, I won't mind, but I am hoping / planning to have plenty o' extra stuff. We'll see. They probably get a waiting list, so last minute back-out might be possible, as well.

I also hate the captcha. Mostly it says to type the two words but one of them is jibberish and the other is a f'ing picture. WTH??