03 February 2011

Groundhog's Day Again

That was a little joke, y'see.

Here's today's project, another prototype bookmark. Spent a lot of time doing sketches, and this is just one of the ideas I scratched out. It was easier than yesterday's, and perhaps easier than tomorrow's. I am particularly pleased with how much this one matches the sketch.


Again, a prototype. A few technical details stand between me and a finished piece, not least the question of how to harden the metal. I find myself actually wondering if I can use a stand mixer in place of a polishing tumbler.

More pictures in Flickr, just click through the pic from here.


224215152 said...

How do you make them? Saw or casting or something else?

Holly said...

Cut out from a sheet of copper with a hand saw. I'll probably give the scroll saw a go soon, but I need a zero-clearance plate to go around the blade ... which I have to make myself ... which seems like a lotta work...