02 February 2011

back in the saddle

cicada bookmark

cicada bookmark

I have a provisional goal of doing one small project every day. I accept that this won't happen every day, but it's nice to get to the end of a day and have a Finished Thing to show for it. This is today's Thing -- a bookmark. This is made from copper, and not super-high-polish finished. It's a relatively crude prototype for the next project of the day. Tomorrow, I'll probably go in copper again. Eventually, when I'm happy with the prototypes, I'll move on to silver.

If you're interested to see some COOL metal bookmarks, try here.


224215152 said...

Pretty bookmark for a good book!

Regan said...

Does it wrap around the page, then? I kind of got meetingified while you were saying that the patent might be null soon, which is good.

Holly said...

thanks 224215152!

Regan, it has one wing on the front, one wing on the back. The patent for the generic corner bookmark may be expiring, yeah. I need to re-read the patent, it wasn't totally clear to me what the specific thing was. If some idiot actually let someone patent a triangle that covers the corner of a page, I shall be quite cross!