09 February 2011

New bookmark today!

Here's one for you cephalopod fans ...

tentacle marker 3

tentacle marker 1

tentacle marker 2

The major cuts on this were done on the scroll saw, and the interior / fine cuts were done with the hand saw. Definite good marks for speed and a clean edge. The drawback to using the scroller for this is that it uses the middle inch of a 6" blade -only- leaving most of the teeth totally unused by the time the blade is worn down to the point where I can't use it on the scroll saw anymore. I did not try using that blade in the hand saw afterward, mostly because I have a good sense of what happens when you have a blade that's sharp at both ends and dull in the middle.

Hint: It's not something good!

In an act of optimism, I am leaving my set-up set up so that when I get back from running errands, I can get right back to it. There is another design in my sketchbook waiting to be released into the world! I am really looking forward to that beautiful day in the future when my obsessions get rooms of their own, and I don't have to put away my toys if I want to eat dinner.


Regan said...

The "Kilroy was here" version where his tentacles hide makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Holly said...

Yeah, I was surprised by how different the front / back views are on this one. Somehow I thought it'd be less cute if you couldn't see all the tentacles at once, but it turned out to be more fun.