26 October 2007

Miracles DO Happen

I speak of the Miracle of the Second Post, that is. I haven't seen the weeping virgin burned into my monitor. Yet. This picture is not particularly interesting, but I am trying to learn the ways and means of picture posts here in Blogger, because an art blog is at least 45% of what I want to do here. I want to know things like how it looks, resizing tactics and limitations, and so on. One thing I haven't worked out yet is how to have a picture in thumbnail size, with the option to click on it to see the full size. Also, I want to know how much of a page gets filled up by what amount of text + picture. I am, in the vernacular, a wordy mofo.

Crocuses are, of course, a different kind of miracle. They show up in the spring just when you're thinking that if there is another rainy, cold, shitty, windy day, you're probably going to have to throw yourself off a height. A crocus is the little splash of color that causes you to bend down, closer to the ground, thus preventing suicide by flinging.

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idmarks said...

That picture thing is totally working. I am pleased.