25 October 2007

Gratuitous First Test Post

As required by internet law, I'm beginning this blog with a test-post, consisting of no substance whatsoever, and a picture of the cat.

OK, I give, there's going to be a tiny bit of substance: I'm trying to figure out a way to have everything I want from the internet all in one place.
I want a place to write about crap I see, here, think of, create, make photos of, and want other people to think about. I want not to have to go to 4 different web sites to get that done. I want it to look less like crap than when I tried to write my own web site from scratch. And I want it to be less, hmm, canceled, than some of the other venues I've been using for these purposes.

There is a non-zero chance of me never posting here again after this post, but maybe it'll work out. We'll see, won't we?

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