01 July 2013

Some Printing

I have been trying to get these into my Flickr account, but for some reason, I can't remember how to get into Flickr. So, I am just going to post them here, for now. In a strange moment of obstinacy, I have refused to buy ink to print that plate I posted pics of (last post). Mostly because there is already a quantity of block printing ink here, and I do have blocks, and I am lazy and cheap.

Fear not, I *will* get that intaglio plate printed, and there will be more to come, because that is definitely the correct technique for my style. Until then, check out these:

Linocut on rice paper.

Linocut on heavy handmade paper.

Woodcut on handmade.

Linocut on handmade.
Detail of linocut.
Woodcut on heavy paper.

Sadly, some of the worst images are my favorite prints. For reasons I don't really understand, scanning prints does not produce results as effective as photographing them ... which I am not currently set up to do. Will have to work on that, I guess.

I have many irons in the fire, these days. Possibly too many, but that beats none. I am still working on those crochet cephalopods. Thinking of making an abstract coloring book. Have a couple of woodworking projects just on the verge of start-ready. And, of course, I have a serious backlog of finished projects to catalog and perhaps post for sale. All of these things take time, and energy, and focus, and life loves to challenge those resources. Sometimes I think about an artist retreat or something, where I could hole up and do nothing else, but (drumroll please) haven't even had time to look into that.

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