27 March 2013

Vague Promises

It has been a while since I posted about that silly afghan, and I am happy to report it is more than twice that size now. I think I am within 5 squares of finishing it? Then I just have to figure out what to do with it.   ... and also with all the leftover bright colored yarns.

I have been working on wax models for metal casting, and will post some of those here soonish. And working on my life drawing skills. Can't claim I have become the new Leonardo BUT I am actually certain I am improving, which is a nice feeling. Someone actually complained that I made a drawing that looked too much like him!

But, the real reason I am posting now is that I have just ordered this:

It's a phone case. But you probably already knew that.

... and am full of squee for when it gets here. Because, shiny! (Literally, went for the gloss finish.)


Regan said...

Is so pretty! Did you Zazzle it up?

Lizzzzzzz said...

Love the phone case! Want more pics of the silly afghan, 'cause I love it!