27 November 2012

The Home Stretch (for the ASUNM art & craft sale)

Tomorrow, I will be taking stuff over to the student union building on the university campus, along with Warning Label Creations with whom I share a space, and probably all the other vendors, and we will be setting up our booth. We'll have a table, a spinner rack, a free standing display rack, a couple of chairs, a little holiday tree, some lights, and a lot of stuff to sell. We are hoping to trade most of the stuff for money over the course of the three day show, and also garner the admiration and respect of our fellow makers. Or at least not get involved in any brouhaha.  ;-)

There will be pictures of the set up, and probably some during the fair, although I am hoping to be pretty busy. We are taking some knitting, just in case, though. Because, why wouldn't we?  (Neither of us is selling knitted items.)

So... I guess ... watch this space?

For more information visit unm.edu/~thinkart

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