01 September 2012

Check This Out

DSC_9862 by dicatae
DSC_9862, a photo by dicatae on Flickr.

This morning I have been enjoying a set of flower portraits by Skip Smith. The whole set is there on Flickr, just click through to see it.

Skip has really developed his eye for composition and emphasis in these photos. Although the colors and level of detail are phenomenal, what I most appreciated was that he has essentially done the most difficult thing I know of -- he has recreated the experience of seeing the object first hand. He's turned the camera lens into an extension of not just the eye, but also the part of the brain that interprets what is seen. In looking at these photos, I lose my sense of looking at photos, and move into the sense of looking at flowers.

Maybe it helps that it is a cool, overcast morning, the right temperature and humidity for flower viewing, but then again, maybe it is the photos which created the mood.

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