08 December 2010

Waiting Rooms, Pt 2

Dr. Brain's waiting rooms, Thursday afternoon, (outer and inner, 75 minutes combined)

Not composed, just freestyling.

Dr. Brain wasn't terribly interested.

Dr. F's waiting room, Friday morning. 90 minutes.

Dr. F liked it very much.

The resulting watercolor painting, Friday afternoon / evening, at home.

The cats stayed close the whole time I was working on it, but weren't impressed at all.


kate said...

Love the watercolor! Beautiful!


Regan said...

I'm going to assume it's because Tangled is out here, but the watercolor makes me think of Rapunzel.

Holly said...

Tangled it out here, but all posters feature a horse face prominently, so *that* makes me think of Eddie Murphy.

So, uh, the message here is, what reminds us of stuff can be roundabout as well as direct. Or something.