22 November 2010

Art Sale (finally)

I am going to be taking nearly four years of watercolor and ink paintings to the flea market and try to sell them to holiday gift-hungry strangers in the weekends between now and the end of December. However! If YOU are interested in any acquiring of my art for yourself or someone you know, now's a good time, because I'm in the mood to get it out of the house.

Everything on paper is matted by me (so, not professionally, although I do have a proper mat board cutter and the skills to make it go), and the dimensions can be / will be provided. As far as I know, everything I'm taking has already been posted in the art blog, but I'm going to try to put up a slide show of the work I'm taking to sell, so it can be seen in its fancy, matted, ready-to-frame glory. For the record -- the pictures of the art won't be amazing because my camera isn't a "real" camera, it's a point and shoot with a fixed lens, so everything looks a little curved in the middle. Maybe if I sell ALL the paintings, I can buy a grown-up camera!

Oh, to be clear -- these are all original works. There are no copies, no prints, no clever forgeries. One of a kind only.

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