08 October 2010

Well, then, that wasn't so hard, was it?


Regan said...

Wow. It's awesome. I love all the swirly bits on the front. And the fact that you can write on the sides. Like a tea-shopping list. ;)


ammitnox said...

Oh, you couldn't be bothered to do stained glass?

No, but seriously, it's awesome! It will fit all your tea if you throw away the tea that "doesn't fit." Problem solved.

224215152 said...

Now I'm squinting trying to figure out what kinds of tea you prefer. ;)

Seriously, that's one way cool cabinet.

Post more pics when it's on the wall?

Holly said...

Regan - thanks!

Ammit - no, indeed! I will probably throw away all the tea that "doesn't fit my tastebuds". The one real problem tea is the stuff our friend brought back from China that's in a very large tin. But I think we can live with this type of exception, esp. as it is very good tea.

224215152 - Irish Breakfast, a lot of greens (green, green / jasmine, green / lemon, green / lemon / ginger, etc), and a few fruit teas that makes excellent iced tea. There are several loose leave Chinese teas, usually golden type.

It actually IS on the wall, but the kitchen is freakishly dark, so there was no real point in trying to take a picture in there.

kate said...

How cool! It came out great! I swear if I saw one in a store I would get it. :)