07 September 2010

Shotgun Updating

Check me out, two posts in one month! It's starting to get crazy around here!

The formatting on these pictures is going to make me nuts if I goof around with it. So I'm not. Here's the rundown.

Couple sheets of paper with barely visible sketches... sketches for my next couple of projects. Hopefully those projects will be visible.

Bunch o' sticks.... if you can guess what tool I made there, you win a prize!* Double prize if you can guess whether it worked or not.

The re-do on the frame / edge. It took much less time than the first time, and is a thousand times better, but I'm still cross to have had to re-do it. Ahh, well. Live and learn. And re-do crap sometimes.

Quick watercolor painting to test out a brush brought from Beijing by a friend who visited there recently. That sucker can lay down some SERIOUS paint! Highly diggable. It will be my go-to brush of choice for watercolor tidal waves.

224214152 - sorry I didn't answer your question sooner, more pictures to come... behind the windows are pigeon holes.... square openings (16cm I think, a bit deeper than that?).

There will be more pictures when I have the front panel opening and closing and stuff.


* There is no prize.


ammitnox said...

Is the thing with sticks part of a trap? Like, someone steps on the wrong tile in your house and all the sticks shoot out? That would be awesome.

Regan said...

That *would* be awesome. I'm going to go with cat-apult. See, you put reasonably-sized cat on the low end, and you fwap the pointy end down and *sproing*. You have airborne highly-annoyed cat.

Holly said...

Yesss, you're both very, very close.

It's a contour gauge, for replicating shapes without all that tedious measuring, etc. I'm working on (yet another) project for spoiling the tiny tyrants.

If I screw it up, this may turn into a cat-a-pult of sorts.

Firing little sticks is out of the question, the house is dangerous enough without booby traps. We're *still* finding shards of glass from last time I broke a drinking glass. A month ago...

ammitnox said...

The stix don't look anything like your link. So I don't get how it works.

Holly said...

You know those things with all the little metal pins for people to put their hand or face or "whatever" print in? To make a contour impression? It's that, only it's got just one row of pins. The one on the link is made with small metal pins fitted tightly together for a precise contour of a small thing. Mine is larger scale and less precise, because I needed the contour of the window sill, from the glass down to the wall.

Is this description doing anything for you?

ammitnox said...


Anonymous said...

but, I want a prize! the tool, methinks, is a multipantograph. ha! I am right, huh? Right?
And I need to know now what the Beijing Brush was made from - not ordinary horsehair or whatever? maybe Yak fur?

Anonymous said...

OK so I need to read the "other" comments first before I publish.
I think you should at least try dipping all the tips in paint & write something. It would echo. :D

Holly said...

Beijing brush is most likely fox. My hanza is really bad... but it looks & feels much more like a dog style thing than a horse style thing. Also, there appear to be pictures of foxes on the handle.

And.... uhm.... I can try affixing the contour gauge to my homemade pantograph and dip it in ink, see what kind of hilarity ensues. I have already had all my shots.

Given the nature of the prize, there is plenty to go around. Help yourself, anonymous. Hell, take 2.