25 June 2010

Not Slow & Steady... Just Slow.

I have not disappeared from the planet, I have been actually working on this thing. Slowly. Veeeerrry slowly. Partly because working with the Dremel to grind the glass down aggravates the nerve pinch in my neck, and partly because I've gotten a bit frustrated... trying to cut out shapes like these from glass. It's not easy, my glass cutter isn't great, I'm not a fantastic glass cutting expert, and doing things that potentially fire glass shards all over the universe is the type of activity one tends to limit in terms of timing and location. If you see what I mean.

However! I believe I have finally –finally!– cut all 16 pieces, and gotten them ground to fit, and manage any further fitting by sanding the wood down a little. And I have learned a valuable lesson about (next time!) cutting the glass FIRST and cutting the wood AFTER because it is so much easier to shape the wood than the glass. Dur.

The two pieces that you see close-ups of here are the two that gave me the most trouble. One, I had to cut 4x and the other I had to cut 5x to get usable pieces. All the other attempts had broken-off corners (or middles!) that were of no more use to me than a monkey with only four asses. I had to burn the laboratory down.

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