15 April 2010

Progress continues!

MacBook for size reference!

I finished cutting out the individual pieces of this today. As of this moment, the plan is to shape and refine the blocks a bit before affixing them to something else. Probably another piece of wood, if I had to make a random guess. Most likely use the Dremel and other things to do the shaping. Haven't decided yet about finishing. Since it's plywood, there isn't going to be a lot of point in highlighting the wood's natural beauty, so paint might be the order of the day. If I really feel like doing a LOT of sanding, I might go for some glossy lacquer type thing.

And, yeah, before you sharp-eyed folks even ask, it is the same knot as on that painting from a couple of months back. I really like this one.


224215152 said...

What do the numbers mean?

ammitnox said...

I guess this is working better than the last scroll saw?

Holly said...

The numbers mean I can compare it to the photo from before and make sure I can get it all back in place in a timely fashion. In case I get confused. Something I learned back in the days of stained glass work.

And, yeah, this is working better than the other one. Much better.

Regan said...

I was gonna say that's a stained glass trick! Great use of it.