01 February 2010

Here you can see why I was playing with the white balance... I'm getting yellow paper in the pics, but it's mostly-white in reality. Anyway, this is a pattern I designed a while back when I was playing with ideas for the storage crates. Wanted to see if I could work up a nice knot-repeater. And I have! But then I got distracted by the other thing (the one I've already posted a few pictures of in-progress). I got REALLY distracted trying to work out how to line this up so several crates with the same design could be placed next to each other and having the design's lines meet up no matter which way you turned the crates. I'm not sure I'm that cool, though.

Fear not. I have 3 more crates! 4.5 if you count the one that is already built, and its lid.


Rufus said...

If I ever have gobs of money, I promise to start publishing deluxe editions of books and getting you to do the title pages and illustrations. I've seen very similar illustrated frames in older deluxe editions of books. I like them.

Holly said...

Ornamentation in books has very much faded along with ornamentation in architecture. I find both terribly disappointing because modern printing technology and building methods and materials make it so much easier and less expensive to realize details. And yet.... books have become bricks made of paper, and buildings have become sheer monoliths.