09 September 2009

The First Time Always Sucks

Here's my first go at this, from sketch to trace to wax to plaster model. I'm not even going to bother cleaning up the plaster. The wax isn't what I wanted (size constraint) and the mold making process did not go smoothly--the plaster is weak and crumbly and full of air holes. However, lessons were learned, and I'm hoping more lessons will be learned in the near future. Especially looking forward to the lesson about how this is going to turn out just as awesome as I'd hoped.

Probably going to cast this in resin, in the end. Durable enough, available enough. Has ALL the advantages... :)


Regan said...

Still, damn! That's cool. You gotta 'splain how you did this via IM.

kate said...

Bring it over with you and if you stay late enough on your visit, you and Brian might be able to cast it in bronze or a white metal. :-) He does that sort of thing, you know.


Holly said...

Kate, I did not know Brian does that stuff! When you are back (presumably, when you get this note...) can we talk about this some more? I would loooooove to cast a thing.