18 March 2009

Old Glass, New Sun

Danielle sent me some stuff from my life-before-2D, and one of those things was a bundle with 4 panels of stained glass that I made a while back. It's not any kind of great composition, just a technical exercise, really. But it made me happy to see it anyway. Who knows, maybe it makes you happy to see it, too.

The panels are about 3"x5" each.


224215152 said...

I love stained glass. How did you get into it? I'd really like to take a class, in the magical land known as "someday".

Holly said...

I took some hot glass classes (glass blowing, and also torch work), and loved it. But couldn't do hot glass at home. Since a lot of the techniques were similar to the metal work stuff I was learning, I decided to try it. Turned out to be easy & fun.

I strongly endorsed taking a class, I bet you'll love it!

Regan said...

Look at all of those curves! You are such an overachiever! (And by that I mean "you rock.")