18 February 2008

Last one for today, I promise.

Today I spent some time rummaging the stash of older drawings and paintings. I hung a framed thing on the wall, and took down a bunch of not-framed things. I chose some papers to stick in the recycling bin. I chose some items to frame, and I found new enthusiasm for some things I'd stick in the portfolio instead of the trash. All of which means I'm learning some things.

One of things I'm learning is not to judge too fast, or too harshly. I have learned that no matter how much I hate something when I'm working on it, if I stick it in a file until later, I can get some objectivity about things. I can throw it out later, too, and this practice significantly reduces the likelihood of discarding something that wasn't so bad after all.

The significant consequence of this habit is that after some period of time passes, I am confronted with some evidence of productivity, and of progress, and of the accumulation of a body of work. See, if I throw out every single piece I work on that doesn't satisfy me in some way, I would have exactly zero works left.

Today, after doing the spring cleaning, I actually felt somewhat pleased about what I've done in the past year. I can see the progress. I can see some directions to go. I have enough things in the file that I actually need to see about a new file. This is very encouraging. It flips the bird in the face of my inner critic, which is good.


Regan said...

I'm generally not much into the "emergent things" category, but I love this one. Part of the appeal of this one for me, I think, is that it feels sizeless. Like in some ways, I feel like the little ball is microscopic and other ways it feels like a planet.

OneFaller said...

i like these. they do have an 'emergent' feel, but not entirely as we can see all of each of the items.

neat work.

a flash with a diffuser will help make your paper look whiter....

Holly said...

Regan - I'm glad you like it, I like it too. It is different from the others. I'll probably do more like this.

OneFaller - Thanks! You're right, and more obscuring is probably going to work better. Next time... Do you know any tricks to fake a flash diffuser? My camera has only a built-in flash. Seems like holding paper over it is going to lead to weirdness, since it's so close to the object I'm photographing.

OneFaller said...

i'm using the built in flash on a canon dslr. using a piece of card stock, you cut a couple slits in it and it slides right in place. works great.

but yeah, just hold a piece of paper over it and it will work pretty well.